The company is led by Len McKeown who co authored the book "Family Trusts for New Zealanders" and has over 30 years experience in the trust and financial services fields having worked for Trustee and Financial Services companies in senior management roles 

Other resources include support staff, consultants and legal assistants with extensive experience in the estate planning areas.


The company uses the latest in cloud based technology from CCH Trusts along with its own extensive precedent library to handle the formation and administration of its extensive trust client base.


Tactics Group Ltd has relationships with a number of financial service providers, accountancy firms and other professional advisory firms.


Future Planning or Estate Planning is the process of taking a few relatively inexpensive steps to protect your assets and your family from possible future changes in your family circumstances.

The object of the excercise is to protect:

  • The assets you have now!
  • The assets you will accumulate in the future!
  • The inheritances you pass on to your children!

The costs involved are minor when compared with the possible benefits. However, like insurance, it is a means of gaining a measure of protection and security from events we all hope will not happen.

"Failure to plan is planning to fail"