Insurance & Investments

Tactics Group Ltd is able to access a wide range of insurance and investment options for clients and depending on the result of the needs analysis that is completed there may well be recommendations made in this area. 

Insurance is something we have all heard about and in many cases dismiss without giving due consideration to the risks we all face and the benefits insurance can provide. We all think disasters happen to "those other people" not to us. The reality is that some of us are "those other people" and we need protection.

The recent turmoil in investment markets has changed the way many people feel about where they should invest and this is an area that needs careful consideration and planning. We are able to assist in this area and will discuss your circumstances in detail if investment is an area where you feel we can help. 


Separate advice and disclosure to clients concerning insurance and investment products and commissions and brokerage payable will be made if these products are recommended.